Let me take a brief moment and describe the content and purpose of this website.


This website is set up as a very small portfolio for easy access, where I might come up in conversation.  As noted this is by no means exhaustive, nor is it representative of any span of work.  Over the course of a year I do thousands of pieces, in various styles and media.  I've chosen some traditional, digital and composite pieces (mixes of all of the former) that I think might give a very general sense of what I do.


I am a professional artist with interests and projects ranging in a few different domains.  I do take commission work in fine art, film production, game production, and consulting.  This is probably the best place to contact me via email for any contract work.  That noted I am selective about projects, as this is what I do for a living, so I will need to discuss the project before considering.  The customer isn't always right, the customer is right only when they are correct.  That said, I do know a range of artists who do very good work and I would happily refer if a project is not a good fit for me.


For non-contract or unusual contract projects, like, teaching, speaking, charity, civic activities, etc, drop me a note.  I do enjoy a new and strange project, as well as working with people from different areas of expertise.


For discussions of art, art history, mythology, religious history, cognitive science, debates, philosophy, and art speculation (theory never seems quite right) also feel free to drop me a line.  If it is vitriolic, I will eat you alive, if friendly, I will have some cake in your honor.


Thanks for your time,

Paul Mellender